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Bear and Cubs Handmade Wax Hurricane set


Celebrate the idea of someone older or wiser guiding you through life.

 You know you would not have survived if it was not for their support, guidance, and unconditional love. Somewhere along the way, or through the entire journey, someone took your hand and walked with you. This handmade Bear and Cubs Hurricane Candle Set will be a reminder for you and your mentor that this journey would have been impossible if you were alone.

 Highlighted Features:

 A representation of mentorship in a hurricane candle Cute Wax Melts. The image of a mother bear gracefully guiding her cubs through the woods will evoke feelings of gratitude toward the person who walked with you.

  • Keep your home smelling fresh. Eliminate odor with the two 2.5oz unscented odor eliminating candles.
  • Made to be captivatingly beautiful. Each set is handmade, designed to keep a low flame, giving any space a subtle glow that is stunning but not overwhelming.
  • Transform the way you display the hurricane candle. Place it on top of the grease-resistant doily and elevate the way you use candles as home decor in your personal space.
  • The ideal present to a loving friend. Send it as a gift and let that friend of yours know that they have been a vital part to you getting to where you are today.

 In your personal space or as a gift to the person who guided you through your journey, this handmade hurricane candle set is enough to make gratitude overflow from a corner like a fountain of healing waters. Order one today.

Purchase the Gift Set which includes Luminary shell, one votive candle, and one doily. Or purchase the Luminary Shell only.