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We are changing our name to Heartland Aroma Oasis !

About Us

Maiden Midwest is the go-to place for eliminating any kind of bad odor. Our candles are specifically formulated to get rid of any smell, whether it’s pet odors, smoke, or just a general funk. We make beautiful and decorative hand-made candles that will make your home smell amazing. So next time you have guests over, or you’re just looking to freshen up your space, come to Maiden Midwest and let us take care of the smells for you!

Who We Are?

Maiden Midwest is your ultimate destination to find exceptionally good candles to add a soothing effect to your home. We provide a wide range of scented and unscented candles to truly eliminate all kinds of bad odors from pets, garbage, smoking, strong cooked foods, stale rooms, motor homes that smell musty, and more! Our hand-made candles make a perfect gift for every occasion.

Why Choose Us?

We want to be your ultimate solution to eliminate any ill-odor or unpleasant smell through our quality products and services. Here are some of the striking features that make us stand out in the competition.

Innovative Formula

Why settle for low-quality scented candles just to mask unwanted odors, when you can get rid of them for good? Maiden Midwest offers a range of candles, wax melts, and car diffusers that remove bad odors plus provide a lasting, pleasant aroma to your home, office, and car..

Quality Assurance

We believe in and practice a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to low-quality products. To ensure you get excellent quality always, we have strict quality control procedures in place.

Hand-Made Products

Why settle for mass-produced goods when you can revel in the distinctive charm of handmade candles? At Maiden Midwest, we meticulously craft all of our candles by hand to give them their one-of-a-kind character.

Customer Service

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and thus offer bespoke quality customer service every time. For all your queries and suggestions you can contact our customer care representative.

Feel the ultimate peace of mind with scented candles, wax melts, and diffuser sprays from Maiden Midwest and give your surroundings an alluring fresh fragrance.