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We are changing our name to Heartland Aroma Oasis !

Our Values

Mission Statement

Is to provide exceptionally appealing wax home decor and odor eliminating candles and spray diffusers to make your surroundings pleasantly fresh.

Vision Statement

Is to transform our business into a brand that promises delivery of quality, excellence, and customer care with a persistent approach towards growth and financial wellness.

Our Core Values

Here are our core values that guide us towards our path to achieve our objectives.

  • Passion

Candle-making is our passion, and the results we achieve truly depict our loyalty to our passion.

  • Leadership

We believe in thinking out of the box and leading the world through example.

  • Excellence

We are a results-driven and goal-oriented business strives to achieve excellence.

  • Integrity

We believe in utter fairness and integrity to fulfill all our commitments.