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The Saw Mill - Odor Eliminating Wickless Candle


Delightfully calming, fresh, and woodsy. You will love this wickless candle’s unique scent.

 Eliminate unwanted smell from your home and get lost in the scent of freshly cut timber wood mixed with the smell of rust from saw blades that have stood the test of time. The Saw Mill is an odor-eliminating wickless candle that will bring a breath of fresh air to your selection of scented candles.

 Highlighted Features:

 Hand-poured to perfection. Each of these odor-eliminating wickless candles is handcrafted to bring you nothing but unmatched quality.

  • Continuous scent without flames. Own a wickless candle that will last for weeks and will not require any flame. Simply place it in the warmer and it will do its job.
  • The perfect home decor. Not only does this wickless odor-eliminating candle remove unwanted smell from your interior, it will also look stunning when used as a home decor.
  • Unique scent you will love. Envelope your senses with olfactory notes that are not the typical smell of scented candles. This one is uniquely captivating, making it a favorite for all the right reasons.
  • The ideal present for homeowners. Let someone special know you are thinking of them and their home. Send this as a gift and we are sure they will love you for all the benefits this wickless candle will bring.

 Order today and never have to deal with scented candles that only mix with the nasty odor you want eliminated from your home. This wickless odor-eliminating candle will work to give your home a lasting scent that is simply heavenly.