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Reed Diffuser Hexagon Vase


A vase-slash-reed diffuser shaped like a hexagon? Um…yes, please! Stop the sensory show-stopping stank in your most frequented room with this modern, minimalist concrete Reed Diffuser Vase in a Hexagon Shape. Place the acrylic test tube in the center and you can apply a bit of your fave scent! Showstopper sweet nothings from this quiet talent that will soar with an exquisite odor-neutralizing score! Let your eyes be drawn to its unique hex design, and your nose be delighted with its subtle fragrance! We all are sentenced to smelling the bathroom blues-- but don't worry, it can be overturned with this reed diffuser! Plus, it's not only good for releasing soft fragrances (which helps you score the cover of a smell magazine!), but doubles up as a bud vase too!