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Concrete Pillar Candle - 6 to 7 inch tall


This 3-inch diameter, odor-eliminating, unscented pillar candle with a stylish concrete base. Made with premium materials and expert craftsmanship, this candle is the perfect addition to any home or office.

The unscented design of this candle is ideal for those who prefer a subtle ambiance without any overpowering fragrance. It's also perfect for people who are sensitive to strong smells or suffer from allergies.

The concrete base of the candle not only looks elegant but also ensures that the candle is stable and secure while burning. The base is designed to protect your surfaces from heat damage and prevent any accidental tipping.

The odor-eliminating properties of this candle are a game-changer. It effectively neutralizes unpleasant smells, leaving your space smelling fresh and clean. It's perfect for use in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, or pet areas where lingering odors are common.

This pillar candle has a long burn time, providing hours of fragrance-free ambiance. Plus, it's easy to use, just light the wick, and enjoy.

Overall, this unscented, odor-eliminating pillar candle with a concrete base is a must-have for anyone looking for a stylish, functional, and effective candle. It's perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere without any overpowering fragrances, making it an excellent choice for all occasions. 

Because these candles are home made, the height of each candle will be between 6 inches and 7 inches.  The joint where the wax meets the concrete is also unique to each candle and never identical to another.