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Wild Cherry Odor Eliminating Candle (14 ounce)


Never be conscious about the smell of your home again whenever you have friends or family members over.

Give most of your attention to your guests and leave the worry of unpleasant odor to this practical home essential you’ll want handy in your cupboard. This Wild Cherry Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle will eliminate odors from trash, pets, mold, and more without leaving an overwhelming scent you or anyone would never love.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wild Cherry¬†scent. Keep your home smelling fresh without overwhelming the senses of the people coming over. This odor-eliminating candle will¬†Neutralize unwanted odor with a bonus of a subtle, beautiful glow. The delicious Wild Cherry fragrance will provide a delight to the senses.
  • The good home decor. Aside from eliminating unwanted odor, this candle is perfect as a mood candle as well to set the tone for the most inviting dinner with the perfect bottle of wine.
  • Your eco-friendly choice. Never have to use aerosol sprays from time to time. This odor-eliminating candle will take care of the work, so you can have more time to spend with people you care about.
  • Hours and hours of use.¬†Each 14-ounce odor-eliminating candle will give you a burn time of¬†more than 48 hours, which means you can use it for more than one occasion.
  • A candle anyone will love.¬†This delicious scent pleases almost everyone.¬†This odor-eliminating candle will do its job¬†while creating an ambiance with a¬†scent designed to please.

Have confidence in the smell of your home whenever you have guests around. Order a few of these odor-eliminating candles and experience how they will transform your home into the most inviting space.