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Unicorn Mother and Child Hurricane set


Celebrate the unexpected mysteries of life.

 Whether or not you believe in unicorns, this handmade unicorn candle is here to remind you that feeling in magic makes life exciting. This Unicorn Mother and Child Hurricane Candle Shell Set will make you appreciate the power of the human mind to come up with different creatures and stories that make life a lot more worthwhile.

 Highlighted Features:

 Spark up a magical flame. Let your mind wander into the world of dreams as this unicorn mother and child emit a calming glow that is almost magical when looked at for a while longer.

  • Keep your home smelling fresh. Eliminate odor with the 2.5oz unscented odor-eliminating candle.
  • Made to be captivatingly beautiful. Each set is handmade and designed to keep a low flame, giving any space a subtle glow that is stunning but not overwhelming.
  • Transform the way you display the hurricane candle. Place it on top of the grease-resistant doily and elevate how you use candles as home decor in your personal space.
  • The ideal present to give to a friend. Send it as a gift and let that friend know life should not be taken too seriously. That they should never let the kid inside of them die.

 Love the idea of having a magical candle that gives you an instant boost in the mood when lit. Order today and place this handmade hurricane candle near your personal space or work area.

Order a luminary shell or Gift Set today! (gift set includes luminary shell, one votive, and one grease-resistant doily.)