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Panda and Cubs Hurricane set


Decorate your home with a sweet symbol of peace and luck.

 Pandas are known to bring a brighter outlook to people who see them in the mountains. This Panda and Cubs Hurricane Candle Set will help you look at the brighter side of life, especially when faced with challenges. Let it be your reminder that good things will come because you have endured.

 Highlighted Features:

 Light a beacon of hope. Three adorable panda faces will smile at you when you light this handmade hurricane candle. They will remind you that better days are coming.

  • Keep your home smelling fresh. Eliminate odor with the 2.5oz unscented odor eliminating candle.
  • Made to be captivatingly beautiful. Each set is handmade, designed to keep a low flame, giving any space a subtle glow that is stunning but not overwhelming.
  • Transform the way you display the hurricane candle. Place it on top of the grease-resistant doily and elevate the way you use candles as home decor in your personal space.
  • The ideal present to give to a friend. Send it as a gift and let that friend of yours know that they need to trust their struggles because better days are coming for them.

Instantly have a more positive outlook when things seem to go a different way. Trust that you are moving forward and moving closer to the life you want for yourself and the people around you. Order this symbol of hope and luck today.

Order a luminary shell or Gift Set today! (gift set includes luminary shell, one votive, one grease resistant doily.)