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Happy Spring Hurricane set


Welcome the joy of spring into your home with our whimsical Happy Spring Hurricane Set. Our festive set comes with one handmade wax luminary shell featuring images of bunnies frolicking, snuggling and embodying the carefree spirit of the season on one side and two low-heat, odor-eliminating candles and a grease-resistant paper doily on the other. This perfect presentation is sure to add an extra special touch to a fun family gathering or a soothing night in. Whether you’re giving it as a thoughtfully curated gift, or simply bringing some delightful energy into your living room space, this hurricane set will make it hard not to warm up to spring!

 The symbol of joy is a hurricane candle shell. Just looking at how the rabbits enjoy and appreciate their surroundings will make you feel grateful for the small things you never thought were giving you happiness.

  • Keep your home smelling fresh. Eliminate odor with the 2.5oz unscented odor-eliminating candle.
  • Made to be captivatingly beautiful. Each set is handmade and designed to keep a low flame, giving any space a subtle glow that is stunning but not overwhelming.
  • Transform the way you display the hurricane candle. Place it on top of the grease-resistant doily and elevate how you use candles as home decor in your personal space.
  • The ideal present to give to a friend. Send it as a gift and let that friend of yours know that when times are getting complicated, sometimes all they need to do is step away, breathe for a while, and start looking at what they already have.

 Life is full of challenges but also filled with beautiful moments we fail to see most of the time. Order today and let it remind you that the universe placed little things that make each day meaningful if you know how to look.

Order a luminary shell or Gift Set today! (gift set includes luminary shell, one votive, and one grease-resistant doily.)